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Quantum Stretch

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301 – Quantum Stretch – FREE Introduction (with right Angle hands) (1 hour) - Free

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We ALL suffer from tight muscles and ligaments, pain in those usual places in the body.   We are either physically working hard or sitting behind a desk and not getting the physical exercise we need daily.  Either situation stresses the body’s tissues - muscles, tendons, ligaments and attachments.  They are overworked and tight.

The Quantum Stretch I developed is a “flowing slow stretch” that removes pain and tightness. Informational videos are supplied on connective tissue by the best teachers.

As a polio victim in my early life, I was paralyzed from the neck down.  I was cured in two months by nurses that put me in hot packs twice a day and bent/stretch me in yoga positions.  I learned the importance of stretching - slow deliberate stretching with breath and awareness and feeling throughout the body.... Read More & How to do the Stretches  (see separate page)

Stretch with Robert - “It’s a game changer for pain relief and feeling better in your body

In this video training, platform class you will learn about and how to implement healing in your body using right angle hands and feet:

  • Learn about the importance of “connective tissue” and its discovery only 10 years ago.  How CT gets tight and pulls on all the other muscles in the body and many times causing nerve and muscle pain.
  • Why you don’t need shots, drugs and surgery.  Take the “real” road to recovery and how to maintain it.
  • The “rigging” (muscles and ligaments/tendons) of the mast (spine and skeletal system) of your ship gets pulled tight in areas and you feel pain.  Remove the knots with QS and feel flexible.
  • Why right angle hands?  Plus slow to stop movement
  • The 4 areas in the body to maintain elasticity and the cause of most pain.
  • Demonstrations of stretching each area along with breath. (Proper breathing explained) - Stretch along with Robert
  • No need to be afraid of pain but to move through it, gently and slowly
  • Relieve carpal tunnel and tight or painful arms and hands, relieve back and leg pain with these simple stretching techniques.
  • The upper body and lower body stretches.
  • No props and/or using the props that are available like door jams, car seat next to you, chairs, stools, a broom, and trees, etc.
  • How long does it take to move out of pain?
  • Where and when to use this technique - 
  • Quantum Stretch is the missing link in Yoga and Tai Chi and yet it can be a combination of the two. How to put it into your daily life and/or practice.

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QS can be the most relief a person has felt in many years of physical therapy, all in a few minutes a day!

Read more about The Rossiter System   
Two person stretching out of most pain and to find a practitioner

To learn more about Fascia form Tom Myers -


302 – Quantum Stretch (with right Angle hands) (3 hours) - $84.95 - Special Now $45.00

Sign Up for Class Dates TBD - Coming Soon!     See Full Calendar Here

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The continuation from the Free Class adds very slow, mindful motion and deeper understanding to the depth of stretches.  This class is all about movement, using “right angle hands and feet”.  Go further with stretching the upper and lower body with slow movement, right angle hands and foot stretching.  As explained above, relieve the pain you now have and continue with a maintenance program for daily living, any sport or activity.  Maintain your flexible body anywhere - at home, office, on a hike, or in the grocery store, etc. 

Stretch with Robert - “It’s a game changer for pain relief and feeling better in your body

  • Why micro-movement is so important to healing
  • Awaken to the inner body of Connective Tissue - Learn from microscopic visuals
  • Upper and lower body stretching with motion
  • How long does it take to move out of pain?
  • Full demonstrations - stretch with Robert whether your old, young, need to sit or lay down or in yoga practice or at the grocery store, in your car or on a walk in the woods.
  • The need and importance for walking and moving after a stretching position - why?
  • Quantium Stretch in “yoga like” postures - in motion  - ex: micro- movement in Warrior pose.
  • Perseverance equals pain relief and strength ... and happiness:-)
  • Incorporating Tai Chi and Qi Gong - in “your own style” of movement and adding music.
  • Full body QS - beginning and advanced - Beyond yoga and Tai Chi
  • Tree pushing and pulling - ever tried to push a tree over? :-) isometrics and stretch
  • QS becoming a “way of life”, a habit, a go to every morning and at work

Stretch with Robert - “It’s a game changer for pain relief and feeling better in your body

Tom Myers introduces you to fascia.  
Fascia In Movement: The Essentials Preview

Strolling Under The Skin - 
Fascia movement under the microscope

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