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Self Help Techniques

The THREE Powerful Self Help Techniques I teach and practice are:

  • EFT Meridian Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique). High Five Tapping
  • Jin Shin AcuTouch (Jin Shin Jyutsu).
  • Quantum Stretch (Right Angle Hands Facial Stretch).  
The techniques, the philosophy, the energy and the mechanics are already in your hands.  Look deeper into each of the techniques and learn the depth of The High Five: Trust-Gentleness-Kindness-Courage-Love with yourself and all of life.  I have found that the use of these three techniques can replace most allopathic medicine (especially drugs) and are the foundation for long quality life and positive manifestation.  They may be used anytime or any place for the wellness of yourself, your family, friends and clients. 
Why do I call it High Five and why is it so important to our health and well-being?  High Five refers to the actual, visceral state of the human being.  The human system is made up of frequencies - high and low (smiles & frowns).  The natural “energy”, Chi or Tao, that flows (like electricity) through our meridians, nervous system, muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia are sets of different frequencies or chi that is our “natural” state of feelings which produce emotions which produce reactions.  That “vibration” or frequency IS Trust, Gentleness, Kindness, Courage and Love - that’s The High Five.  Each of these relate to the Chinese 5 Elements and the five sets of Organ Meridians.  It’s a beautiful thing when we are in The Flow.  But, when we are encumbered with any of the “Low Five” - Worry, Fear, Anger/Frustration, Sadness, or Hate/Impatience, it blocks and disrupts The Flow of energy and our bodies feel and exhibit the actions and physical effects.  When any of these Low Five are held for a long time (or buried deep through trauma), it will eventually cause sickness and imbalance in the meridian system, which drains our High Five energy.  
These three High Five techniques will assist in removing, eliminating, raising the energy and maintaining the “frequency” from Low to High, thus helping us to feel better. 

Manifestation for “our best and highest good” can only be done when we are in a High Five state of being.  

EFT Meridian Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) - High Five Tapping

Based on the teachings of Gary Craig, EFT is the most powerful, life changing technique of this century.  The simple technique of using your finger tip to tap on 7 key points on the face and body.  Tapping sends calming energy to the amygdala which significantly reduces adrenaline and cortisol.  It further “sparks” the meridians where celulare memory stores the frequencies of our fears, anxieties, worries, depression, and phobias, to name a few.  As stated on the TV program Good Morning America, in an interview with Nick Ortner,  “Tapping is sweeping the nation as one of the best, low-cost treatment for anxiety, chronic pain and other mental illnesses.” 

The world costs for addressing mental illness will go over 24 trillion dollars.  Couple this with rampant prescription drug use, EFT is the Go To for the best “drug free” health solution!  Read more 


Jin Shin AcuTouch (Jin Shin Jyutsu)
Based on the teachings from Mary Burmister of Jin Shin Jyutsu as taught by her student, Betsy Ruth Dayton (my teacher). This “art” is ancient!  It’s the oldest healing technique in the world and dates back over 2000 years.  It is a gentle, yet powerful “acupuncture system” using your hands as “jumper cables” (in place of needles) on two of the main 26 access points (nadis) of the meridians, which “spark” the Flow of energy. This technique addresses all physical and emotional issues and is especially used for maladies like headaches, fever, stomach aches, tight shoulders, back ache, common ailments, etc. This “art” encompasses all meridians with only 26 points.  Jin Shin is a physio-philosophy based in the Chinese 5 Elements and The “High Five Attitudes”.  This is Acupuncture using your hands! Read more 


Quantum Stretch (“With Right Angle Hands”)

This new system of stretching is akin to fluid, slow motion like Yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong but without any structure - teaching you to listen and feel your own pain and tightness (only you know where it is as you stretch).  Using “right angel hands”  brings you directly to the places that needs the elongation or stretching in motion.

Based on the teachings of Richard Rossiter ( and Tom Myers (  Most pain in the body is from tight, dry and/or damaged connective tissue through repetitive motions or accidents.  The study of connective tissue is relatively recent and much overlooked by the mainstream medical community until now. Both Richard and Tom agree that we all need to “stretch out of pain” and that can be done by going to a trained therapist. 

Being a trained instructor for Rossiter, I knew what was to be done to get out of pain.  But, I could not always go to a therapist, so I created Quantum Stretch for myself.  I found that I could release my pain and tightness by using simple, very slow, intense stretching I call “right angle hands” and “right angle feet”. It can be done anywhere, anytime … in a chair, on a walk or in the grocery store. PT’s and Yoga people say “It’s a game changer to my practice”.  Read more  


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