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You've landed here and I welcome you! I've have had and still have my share of mental tension, banged up body, bad back and broken bones. Thank God I have learned these 3 powerful techniques and got rid of my anger, powerlessness, self-worth issues and sore painful muscles, ligaments and tendons. Not to say I'm walking on water...I still face frustrations and sore body parts in the morning, but I have the ability to change all that in a short time. Also, thank God I have a farm now with lots of hard work, that test your metal (all the time). I surf, ride horses and stack 60lb bales of hay. I hurt myself many times BUT, I can "make a comeback" out of depression, complete exhaustion, stomach ache, headache, backache in a few hours.

I am healthy and a kind, loving, trusting, courageous and a gentle man and I want that for you and your people! I can teach you. It takes a change from I can't to I can - everyday! It's a practice, an awareness of yourself and a conscientious act in applying these simple techniques.

Little did I know that when I had polio it would set a template for my life. I was paralyzed from the neck down. Two wonderful souls (nurses/angels) helped me to heal in about a month. They put me in hot packs twice a day and stretched and bent me into yoga positions. That set the template for the rest of my life - movement, flexibility, and motion and releasing the trauma!

While I traveled North and Central America for 30 years in sales/marketing for industrial products and I liked to take workshops, in scenic & special locations, to learn alternative therapy concepts from profound teachers, which of course included yoga. My foundation is The Seth material by Jane Roberts, learning the depths of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Tapping meridians (EFT) by Gary Craig and stretching connective tissue myself with concepts of Rolfing and the Rossiter system. Over the last 30 years, I was further blessed with the practice and teaching of these very special, ancient and powerful techniques.

The core of all of these simple techniques stand firm in the "biology" of our beliefs of reality, quantum-matrix physics, shamanism, intention, meridian, Chinese physio-philosophy, the 26 "nadis", breath, yoga, fascia or connective tissue and common in all is the use of the hands as the healing instruments for yourself-help and for others. So, I created The Wellness Factor as a teaching platform.

This website isn't about me's about YOU and ME, providing YOU the tools to help yourself and others, now! I am passionate about teaching these simple techniques and sharing powerful, proven healing tools to yoga people and teachers, therapists and spas, construction workers, surfers, grandmas and kids (who need EFT desperately).

My desire and passion is to awaken or bring awareness to all walks of life and share the experience and knowledge that I've been blessed with. These ancient, yet simple hand and mind techniques are easy enough to teach in a few minutes or better, an hour on the phone and webcast and, of course, in person with individuals and in workshops.

The company I founded ( is dedicated to creating and manufacturing all natural, plant based, powerful, topical therapeutic solutions. We focus on spas, healers and therapists and the people they serve. Many walks of life are benefiting from pain relief to healing skin conditions.

I have been an instructor and student of Jin Shin High Touch (Jin Shin Jyutsu), EFT Meridian Tapping and Quantum Stretch for the last 26 years. Teaching and practicing these three techniques across North and South America, I've witnessed amazing immediate results many wonderful and heartfelt stories.

My studies and practice lead me to be an Instructor for The Rossiter System ( which uses my foot and floor pressure - (a pin and stretch system of fascia or connective tissue) while coaching movement to create “space” in the painful area thus reducing pain in the body. While teaching, I usually didn't have a "partner" to "step" on me so I used the principles of "right angle" hands while doing slow stretching, I am able to relieve most pain in my body myself, anywhere. I surf, ride horses and have a farm with many animals - farm work can do a number on your body but you need to keep going - the animals need to be taken care of :-)

We all have variations of all the same physical and emotional issues. I found that these three techniques are the "common denominator" in the path towards health, wellness and the ability to "know thyself - heal thyself".

I hope you join me on your path of learning and that you too find wellness and administer and teach these skills to your family, co-workers, clients and friends.

Happy Trails,