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The Rossiter System

The Rossiter System

The Rossiter System, is not Massage, it’s not Physical Therapy and not Chiropractic. It is a physical, fast way of relieving pain and tightness.

Rossiter needs to be taught in person. The goal is to teach families and lay people to do this simple technique so as to be helped any time anywhere.

The Rossiter System is a “partner workout” the person in need lays on the mat and the partner coaches you through specific movements while using the foot to pin the connective tissue system which will relieve back pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and fibromyalgia pain, to name a few. You can also increase agility, flexibility and mobility by releasing old injuries and chronic pain. Most people will experience a profound decrease of pain and increase of movement in 15 minutes and one workout may have long lasting effects. You may decide to have another session later that day or the next to facilitate further relief in other body areas. You are in control during the whole workout.  Find a practitioner

The Partner provides weight using the foot in specific areas to increase “space” in the connective tissue system. Every human body, including the body's connective tissue system, endures a normal amount of daily wear and tear. But when connective tissue becomes stressed, it shortens and thickens, and it does so every day, depending on the kinds of activities you do. Common sensations include tight muscles, tingling, soreness, loss of strength, buzzing, aching, throbbing, numbness and pain. These are the major symptoms of repetitive stress injuries.

For Example: Low Back Pain When the low back is tight or painful, it is usually coming from an over tight or old injury in the quadriceps area. A chronic low back condition usually says that, for example, if the left side is sore, then its the right quadriceps that's too tight, thus pulling up on the left hip and creating tension & pain in that area.

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