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Quantum Stretches - How to Do

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As a polio victim in my early life, I was paralyzed from the neck down.  I was cured in two months by nurses that put me in hot packs twice a day and bent/stretch me in yoga positions.  I learned the importance of stretching - slow deliberate stretching with breath and awareness and feeling throughout the body.

After 30 years of learning about the body/mind and teaching The Rossiter System.  I am now 70 and I surf, ride horses and work my own farm.  These simple, yet powerful stretching techniques are for all ages and all physical abilities and especially great for yogis and physical people, also the young and old that don’t have time to be too physical.  These stretches elongate the tissues and the body can go back to normal elasticity.  They can be done standing and/or sitting, in you car, on an airplane, a walk in the woods or in a grocery store - you can work on those painful areas everywhere.  Quantum Stretch is the missing link in Yoga and Tai Chi and yet it is a combination of the two. Along with breath, you create your own Tai Chi Dance.


Robert created this “flowing slow stretch” with “right angle hands” out of knowledge of The Rossiter System (as he was an Rossiter instructor for several years)  and needing a system for self preservation, maintenance and to remove pain and tightness.

Please learn more with the informational videos provided on connective tissue.  This will provide knowledge and help to build an awareness of the connective tissue system that interlaces all ligaments, tendons, muscles and nervous system.  QS can relieve carpal tunnel and tight or painful arms, hands, shoulders and knees.  Also, relieve back and leg pain with this simple stretching technique. QS can be the most relief a person has felt in many years of physical therapy, all in a few minutes each day!  No need for shots or drugs or surgery.  Learn that when the connective tissue system gets tight or damaged, not to not be afraid of it but move slowly through it, feel it stretch, breathe and then feel less pain and tightness.

Some Basic Understanding of the “Right Angle Stretch”   -  Feel the tightness and move in micro-movements to release it by making your hands into “right angles” with wide, “engaged fingers” (like the “stop” hand signal) you will feel the fascia tightness or possibly pain in your wrist or “heel” of your hand and when you straighten your arm while locking your elbow straight and holding the “stop signal” you will feel tightness go up your arm - that is YOUR tight connective tissue!

Hold the engaged “stop hand” and move your hand and arm around very slowly and look for tightness - when you find it, stop and hold into it.  The CT will stretch and in about 15 seconds you will have stretched the elastic tissue (fascia/elastin/plastin) and release the tightness and pain. 

Fascia (CT or connective tissue) is a very new discovery and plays the most important factor in flexibility, mobility and most pain in the body!   For example, stretching the calf makes the cervical spine (neck) more flexible and back pain in the lower left comes mostly from a tight right quadricep.  Stretch the right quad and the lower left back pain disappears!  These “stretches” need to be worked with as a habit and may release the tightness or pain quickly or it may take a few days depending on the severity of the tissue. Do not forget to walk 20 feet after a few stretches to “move the space” you made in the area you stretched.