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Jin Shin AcuTouch 3hr Class

High Touch Jin Shin - 3 hour total or 3 classes online - $126.00

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High Touch Jin Shin is based on an ancient Oriental Healing Art, brought to the United States from Japan by Mary Burmeister and called Jin Shin Jyutsu.  Its roots are grounded in one of the oldest Healing Arts and was first recorded in 712 AD, and what is known in Japan as the “Record of Ancient Things.  Acupuncture, Shiatsu and many other energy Healing Arts are derived from similar roots. Originally practiced in the home, it was passed down from generation to generation of Japanese families who use these simple everyday treatments for themselves and others. I owe my respect and gratitude to Besty Ruth Dayton, as she was my teacher for many years.  Betsy studied with Mary Burmister as one of her first students and Betsy wrote her thesis on Jin Shin and created Vol. 1 & 2 which make the depths of Jin Shin Jyutsu more easy to work with and understand. 

In studying the body's energy system, High Touch Jin Shin is a gentle placing of the fingertips on certain points of the body to help release blockages in the body's energy flow. This Energy System (meridians) maintains the balance of the flow of the life-force to every cell in every function of the Human Experience colon Body, Mind, and Spirit.

There are 26 bilateral energy release points (and each one tells a life story - Jin Shin is also known as a “physio-philosophy).  You can feel the flow of the energy as it circulates through the body. A blockage in this flow results in an imbalance and leads to dis-ease.  It's flow interrupted, a point becomes congested and cannot nourish or cleanse. This area can be sensitive or tender when touched. It may be bloated or puffy as the body seeks to protect the area made vulnerable by the blocked flow.  We hold these congested points in a specific pattern to release the blockage. The releasing action is much like using jumper cables to jump start.  The energy from our hands “Sparks” the body's energy system where it is blocked. Once the congested point or circuit breaker is opened, the nourishing and cleansing flow can continue. We will feel a light pulsation in our fingertips signaling to us that all is clear and then we can move our hands to the next Point designated in the sequence. Changes will begin to occur immediately. These changes continue to happen for several days. Notice the way the body releases blocked energy. Often there will be dramatic rumbling in the stomach, warmth, fluttering, less pain, or more pain when the blockage is considerable. These movements are indications that your body is healing. Relax with them. Know that the body seeks balance and that your purpose is to support your body.

Class Outline:

Learning and understanding of Jin Shin Jyutsu (The Art of Compassion to Self). 

The detailed booklet comes with the class and covers the depth and treatments - There is no other class available with this coverage and training.

  • How the human energy system was founded and enabling “healing”, BC.
  • The Flow of Life Force - Its essence flowing through the meridians
  • How negative emotions are created and block the flow of life force causing dis-ease in the body.
  • The High 5 Essence of Flow and the Low 5 attitudes that block the Flow.
  • The 26 points (stories of human life), the locations of the 26 mini chakras or nadis - the moving human energy gestalt.
  • The High 5 Essences the meridians and the Low 5 Emotions that block the Flow.
  • Hand placement for the most ancient Chakra Balance (Heavenly Cycle, Micro-Cosmic orbit for self and others.  The absolute most powerful Healing Flow/Treatment on the planet!
  • 5 Element theory and its relationship to the 5 senses, 5 meridian sets, seasons, astrology
  • How to pick a treatment by symptoms: ex. Stomach/Spleen - blocked from worry, mental chaos, addictions, over eating, craving, dry mouth, etc and then look at symptoms in blood, craving sweets, diverticulitis, food doesn't seem to descend, yeast/vaginal discharge, etc. This is just one example for how to “treat from symptoms” - Such as Stomach problems, calming infants, immune system boost, and detox, etc. this and many more treatments all in the Jin Shin Booklet
  • “Partner points” - Quick release of blocked points using two points or nadis & big picture
  • All of the Jin Shin treatments (hand placements) for all the meridians.  Stomach/Spleen, kidney/bladder, liver/gallbladder, lung/large intestine, heart/small intestine, umbilicus/diaphragm (triple heater).  The most useful:  Feeling the pulse and relationships to depts of Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Metal.  The Chinese 5 Elements - relations to seasons and the 5 senses.
  • How to do a treatment on self and others with your finger tips of the two hands, in specific “cook-book” patterns.
  • How to choose which side to treat and picking the “Flow” pattern to use of the 5 meridian sets (stomach/spleen, liver/gallbladder, kidney/bladder, heart/small intestine, lung/large intestine, diaphragm/umbilicus or triple heater. 
  • Treatments for the 10 organ meridians - their associated maladies and essence of Flow. 
  • Common ailment treatments for digestion, hips, headaches, joint pain, fever, infections, sore throat and most all maladies of the human body.
  • Home work - work on self and others and report from your notes.
  • Working with Jin Shin on a daily basis.